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Reading in EYFS and KS1


At John Blandy Primary School we are passionate about reading. The children enjoy story time daily and English lessons are based around high-quality picture books and texts. Every day children are taught to read during Read, Write Inc phonics and storybook lessons. Please see the phonics section of the website for ideas about how to support your child with reading at home. 


We carefully monitor and assess the children's progress to identify anyone struggling with learning to read and support these children through early interventions, including phonics coaching and daily reading. We aim to ensure all children learn to read confidently so they can access a broad and balanced curriculum. In Year 2, we continue to do lots of 'book talk' but alongside this the children also learn to answer more formal comprehension questions.


We send RWI storybooks and bookbag books home weekly and ask that children read these daily for 5 - 10 minutes. 

Reading in KS2


In KS2, we ensure that children’s love of reading continues to flourish by providing a multitude of reading opportunities across the week.


Children take part in daily whole class reading lessons, focusing on either an extract of a text (coming from a range of genres), or spending some time reading and talking about their class book. Within these lessons, children will spend time predicting, summarising passages, focusing on vocabulary and grammatical choices, along with using inference and deduction skills.


Time is also spent each day on enabling children to enjoy reading for pleasure, either independently, with a partner or listening to an adult read to them.


Each class visits the school library weekly, where the librarians help them to choose a book that interests them.


We are incredibly lucky to have been given some money to spend on some new books for our library, and Miss O’Brien, along with the librarians, is currently putting a list together of some fantastic new titles that cover a range of genres.  

Reading for Pleasure

World Book Day 2020!


This year we decided that instead of dressing up as our favourite book character, we would dress up a fruit or vegetable instead! 


Look at our wonderful designs! The winners will be announced next week in assembly...


Parent's Guide to Supporting Reading in Reception

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