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Anti-Bullying Week (WB 15th November)

The focus of Anti-Bullying week this year was 'One Kind Word'. We spent some time thinking about how we can use kindness to make someone's day. We also talked about different ways that we can stand up to bullying. On Friday, we put everything we had learnt together to create adverts to stand up to bullying. Enjoy a selection of our adverts below!


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Science - Forces (WB 15th November)

Our new topic in Science is forces. We enjoyed getting out the newton meters to measure the weight of different objects (how strong the gravitational pull is). We then compared it the mass of the object to see if there is a link.

Art - London Cityscapes

In Art this term we have been focusing on the artist Stephen Wiltshire. We were fascinated by his ability to memorise a cityscape after just a few minutes and then draw it from memory. Inspired by his work, we did a close observational drawing of the London skyline. 
Have a look at some of the skylines below. Check back next week for the finished products! 

Remembrance Day Poems - In Flanders Fields

On Remembrance Day, we focused on the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae. Watch a few of our performances below!



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Science - Moon Phases 

To finish off our science unit on Earth and Space, we learnt about the phases of the moon. We made a model of the 8 phases using oreos, trying very hard not to eat them! Some of you might be looking at the moon each night and recording it in your moon diary! 

Play Leaders

A few weeks ago, we took part in our Play Leader training, so that we can be in charge of some organised games at lunch times. We had a practice with the Year 2 children last week and are now ready to start after half term! We had great fun trying out our games with the younger children and are now even more excited about starting. Those children that signed up have been put into a rota and will spend one lunch time a week with either KS1 or KS2 children, running a game with their partner. 


Science Research Investigations - Tuesday 19th October 

Today, we spent the day carrying out our own research investigations in groups. We chose a question to do with Earth and Space that we wanted to find out more about and then worked hard to gather research to help us to answer these questions. We put together a presentation and then had fun presenting to the class this afternoon! 

Maths - 13th October 


In Maths today, we were recapping our knowledge of representing data in different ways. We had great fun sorting jelly beans into colours and creating a tally chart and pictogram. We then pooled our data and used this to create a bar chart. 

Have a look at some of our work below! 

Computing - WB 27th September 

In computing this week, we have been learning about how computers communicate and the possibilities of working collaboratively online. Whilst working with a group that were spread out across the classroom, the children had to create a Google Slides document about caring for a zoo animal. The only method of communication allowed was through the chrome books! 

Geography - Wednesday 22nd September 2021

In Geography this week, we were concluding our study of the UK by thinking about hills and mountains and how we can identify these on a map. After learning about different techniques used on maps, we used the technique of layer shading to create our very own mountains. We learnt that each different colour represents a different height above sea level (using the key that we made and stuck to the bottom) and that the closer the contour lines are together, the steeper the land is. Have a look at our fantastic work below!

Science - Friday 17th September 

In science this afternoon, we enjoyed thinking about what planets are, how they are formed, their sizes and relative distances to the sun. 

We used fruit and other round objects to make a scaled-down version of the solar system on the playground! 



Drama - Thursday 16th September 

In Literacy today, we put ourselves into the shoes of the characters in our book and enjoyed acting out different scenarios. We thought carefully about showing thoughts and feelings through our body-language, as well as using a process called 'thought tracking' to demonstrate their thoughts.

Geography Presentations - Physical and Human Landmarks in the UK

In Geography this week we have been learning about the geography of the UK. We enjoyed becoming experts on one particular landmark per group, before presenting our information to the class.

Maths Place Value Revision - 'Nice or Nasty'

On Monday we had fun recapping our understanding of place value whilst playing a strategic game called 'Nice or Nasty'. We particularly enjoyed doing the 'nasty' part by strategically placing cards on the other team's place value grid to help them to lose!

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