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Tuesday 24th May - Informative Texts

We were lucky enough to have Mr Fortune introduce informative texts to us. We were given a range of different information texts and we highlighted what we though the key features were. Also, we annotated the extracts with notes to help us.

Friday 6th May - PSHE Lesson

On Friday 6th May, we learnt about different scenarios on how to help us overcome problems within our friendship groups. We split into groups and came up with solutions for the different scenarios we were given. Then, we role played the scenario and showcased our solution to the class. We learnt a lot from this experience and feel prepared to help us with our problems. 

Tuesday 3rd May - Playscripts

Mr Fortune took our lesson on Tuesday 3rd May and he introduced us to playscripts. We read a play script together and looked for the key features within the extracts he gave us. We then wrote our own success critieria on 'What makes a good playscript', which we will use to create our own later on in the term.

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