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Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 


The teachers have been busy planning for after Easter, in light of the fact that our return to school is looking likely to continue for a few more weeks at least. Therefore, more formalized learning will be offered to the children rather than the open ended jigsaw tasks that you have focused on so far.

However, we appreciate that home learning is not the same as learning at school, and that many of you are juggling your own work commitments and the needs of more than one child. So, our aim is offer core work that can be accessed via the school website on each class page.

What to expect

We have a timetable (please see below) that teachers will be working to, that focuses on Maths, English, reading and physical activity every day. In the afternoons the children will be offered one science activity per week and the other afternoons will focus on non-core subjects (e.g. history, geography, RE, etc.). We will continue with the ‘blocking’ of our subjects, as we have been doing all year, so that one non-core subject will be ‘taught’ throughout one or two weeks before moving on to the next subject. For your ease, all classes will follow the same sequence (see separate document), so that if you have more than one child, you will all be working on the same subject. We also hope that by seeing the sequence of subjects, you will be able to support your child each week to know what to expect.

Where to Find It

Teachers will upload work for each day, whenever possible, by the night before. We hope that this might help working parents read through the information ahead of the start of the day. Please look under each of your children’s class pages for daily updates. Teachers will upload videos, web links and documents.

How to Share It

Each class will now have an individual email, so that you can correspond with your class teacher(s) through this. We will therefore cease use of the generic ‘staff.3230’ email and use the emails for your class—as listed on the right. We would really appreciate an update at least once a week for you to share with the class teachers the work and learning the children have been undertaking. We would welcome photos of the children, their work, or a simple email outlining highlights of the week or feedback on what they might have found tricky. Teachers will endeavor to give feedback, but please do not expect feedback on every piece of work.

What to do with it

Please keep the work your child Is doing somewhere safe—in a file, a notebook, or if they are predominantly working on a computer, saved and emailed to your class teacher, so that they can print as some evidence.

How to Help Your Child

We will be uploading as many hints, support and links to useful websites as possible to help you to help your child. However, if you are finding this really challenging please let us know. Skeletal staff will still be in school and we will therefore be more than happy to talk things through if this helps.

Please remember, this is new to all of us, and some days will be a real success, while others may not. But, we are all in this together and our priority is keeping healthy, safe and offering our children the opportunity to continue with learning—it may just look and feel a bit different to ‘normal’!



You will also find links to other websites on our homework pages, and on our curriculum pages (Reading and Maths). Teachers have sent out links to Times table Rockstars and if your child is in KS2 they will also have a login for







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