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Design Technology- Pulleys, Gears and Levers

This term Willow Class have been learning about how to design and make a working mechanical pulley system. They  have also investigated how gears and pulleys can be used to speed up, slow down or change the direction of movement.



Well done on a great assembly, Willow Class!

British Science Week 2022

Last week we celebrated British Science Week, we started the week with a school assembly where we discussed ideas for investigations and the theme for the week; 'Growth'. We even managed to complete two investigations during the assembly.

In Willow Class the children created their own investigations answering a range of science based questions such as: How do you create a battery operated car? Can you power a clock using lemon juice? Which is the stretchiest chocolate bar? and lots more. 

Art Inspired by The Willow Pattern

This term we have been looking at the blue and white ‘Willow Pattern’ tableware which is considered traditionally British and seen on plates, dishes and tea services on dressers and sideboards across the land. The pattern is clearly inspired by China, and its story certainly starts there, but we needed to go back a long, long way to find out why.

World Book Day 2022

Back home safe and sound!

Day 4- Coastal Walk

Day 3 -Night-time Orienteering

Day 3 - Climbing and Abseiling

Problem Solving

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Opening the Lock

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Good morning from Swansea! The children all slept through their first night.

First night excitement saw the boys wake up at 5am, but luckily decided to go back to sleep until 7.30am! The girls managed to stay awake until midnight and slept through until 7am. An action packed day ahead of them. More photos to follow later...

Mental Health Week


As part of Children's Mental Health Week, Willow class took part in  'Dress to Express' on Friday 11th February.  

Everyone was encouraged to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and helps them to express themselves as an individual.

History - The Shang Dynasty

Our new history topic is The Shang Dynasty which was the ruling family of China from 1600BC to 1046BC. We have found out about the social hierarchy, religious beliefs and also dragon bones!



Science- Electricity

This term we have been learning about Electricity in our Science lessons, we have learned how to represent circuits using symbols in a diagram. We learned about important scientific inventors in the field of electricity and we got the opportunity to develop our understanding of what electricity is, as well as conducting our own investigations. 


Computing- 3D Modelling

This term in Year 6 we have been developing our knowledge and understanding of using a computer to produce 3D models. We initially familiarised ourselves with working in a 3D space, including combining 3D objects to make a house and examining the differences between working digitally with 2D and 3D graphics. We then progressed into making accurate 3D models of physical objects, such as a key ring and a pencil holder, which included using 3D objects as placeholders. Finally, we examined the need to group 3D objects, then we went on to plan, develop, and evaluate our own 3D model of a photo frame.



At John Blandy we aim to provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum which follows the National Curriculum. Being able to swim is a key life skill that all children should be able to do by the time they leave primary school. So this term some of our Year 6 children have been having lessons at St. Hugh's school. 

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