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Easter cards

Learning an Easter poem 


In the last week of term, we learnt an Easter poem called 'Signs of Spring'. We created a story map for each verse to help us remember it. 


Design and Technology - term 4


This term in DT we looked at coding, using the programme Kodable. We spent time getting to know the game, and then in pairs we deigned our own Kodable mazes on paper. The following week, we created our mazes on Kodable using our plans.    



The children loved playing on Kodable - their logins have been sent home with them so that they can enjoy it at home too!  

Reading in the sun!

History - term 4


This term's history focus has been explorers. We started the term by learning all about Christopher Columbus, before learning about Amelia Earhart later in the term. 

We carried out some comparisons between when these explorers lived and now (the 1400s, the early 1900s, and 2022). 

Below are some of the Venn diagrams we created for our comparisons, comparing: toys, ships and telescopes. 

Computing term 4


We have started our new unit in computing: robot algorithms. We had so much fun testing some ready made instructions using the beebots. Once we had tested, we then created our own algorithms for the beebot using forwards, turn left, turn right and backwards. 



In the next lesson, we deigned our own mat for the beebot, we then tested these and also played on mats designed by other groups. 

Maths 11.3.22


Today in Horse Chestnut we started our maths unit:: properties of shape. We used cocktail sticks and midget gems to create some 2d and 3d shapes of our own.


Children's Mental Health Week 


We have carried out a variety of mental health week activities this week in year 2, including learning about being bucket fillers, doing a compliment circle, looking at and using zones of regulation, creating a wellbeing wall/corner in our classroom, creating emotion faces out of clay, and creating our own support hot air balloons.


The support hot air balloons were really fun to make and we all realized just how many people we can go to for support. We wrote names of people around the outside of the hot air balloon and then connected the people to create a lovely pattern inside of the balloon. Here are just a few of the finished support hot air balloon's. 




Here we are making emotion faces out of clay.


We also listened to this story and thought about the main message of the book: The boy with big, big feelings. 

Art - Term 3 


Doughnut Sculptures

This term we have been reading 'The World Came to My Place' by Jo Readman. We have been looking at different foods and where they come from.

In Art we decided to have some fun looking at food too! We started by looking at doughnut sculptures by Peter Anton. We then developed our observational drawing skills by sketching doughnuts (then we ate them!). We have had great fun learning how to use newspaper to create a paper mache doughnut form ready to paint and 'ice'.



Here are some of our finished doughnut sculptures: 

English/geography wb 31.1.22


This week in English and Geography we have been exploring Fairtrade, with a particular focus on the journey of a Fairtrade banana (Pablo the super banana!). 

In groups we sequenced the journey that a Fairtrade banana takes. 


We also looked at how much people who are involved in the journey of a banana earn per banana, both with and without Fairtrade. With Fairtrade was a lot fairer! 


Later in the week, we wrote about the journey of a banana as if we were Pablo the super banana! 

Maths wb 31.1.22 - subtracting 2 digit numbers (crossing 10)

English wb 24.1.22


This week in English, we explored how crisps were made and wrote instructions to make our own crisps. On Wednesday we tried making our own!


On Thursday and Friday, we made persuasive posters advertising our crisps.

Art wb 24.1.22 (observational fruit drawings)

Careers week


This week was careers week at John Blandy. 

On Wednesday 5th January, we all came dressed as the career we want in the future. 






On Thursday 6th January, we started our day by looking at what doctors and nurses do. We played a game where we had to match a picture of something that was wrong (e.g. hurt elbow, earache, headache) with their descriptions. 



We then role played as doctors and nurses. Each of us were a patient and each of us were a doctor/nurse. We took in turns in pairs to fill out doctors forms stating what the patients symptoms were and what the treatment might be. 



After lunch, we got back to our classroom to find that there had been a break in! Someone had come into our classroom, eaten some of Miss Drake's biscuits from her desk and left lots of their things behind, including a gardening book, a walkie talkie. a mug and a football scarf. Before we arrived in the classroom, someone else had already been in and cornered off Miss Drake's desk with caution tape and numbered the evidence. 



We spent all afternoon being detectives and trying to solve the crime. We started by filling in an evidence form and then each did our fingerprints using ink. We also did one of our fingerprint on a white balloon and then blew the balloon up so that we could see our fingerprint bigger and more clearly. 



On Friday 7th January, we were personal trainers and PE teachers. We taught each other and played some games that we had created on Thursday in pairs. 




We also became product designers where we designed new and improved chairs for our classrooms. We were very lucky to have had a product designer send us a video where he talked about his own classroom chair deign. 



On Friday afternoon, to finish of our amazing Careers week, we had a google meet with a local artist who sent us a photograph that she had taken that we could draw using coloured pencils alongside her. 




Then, once the google meet had ended, we used another of the artists photographs to create some pictures using pastels. 





We had lots of fun this week, some of us even changed our minds about what career we might want in the future! 


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