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Taking Holiday in Term Time

Below is a copy of the letter sent home to all parents in September 2013:


Dear Parents




In my first newsletter I mentioned there has been a change in the law regarding holidays in term time. Below I have outlined what this means for you and your family.


As of September 2013, no school is allowed to grant holiday requests under the new legislation. Therefore, any request for term time absence will need to be put in writing, in advance, to the Headteacher. Each case will be considered individually. Absence will only be authorised in specific circumstances.  No retrospective approval can be granted. Failure to request permission for leave, or refusal to grant leave, will mean that the absence is unauthorised. Schools are required to notify the Local Authority of all unauthorised absences.


In previous years, Headteachers could authorise up to 10 days in an academic year for a child to be out of school for holidays, family visits and various other occasions. This law has now changed, and there is no longer any “entitlement” or “allowance”. Any absence from school is authorised solely at the discretion of the Headteacher, within the framework of current legislation and policy.


The school will take into account:


·         Child’s attendance record / pattern

·         The age of the child / the child’s stage of education and progress

·         Impact on the child’s education

·         Family circumstances

·         Duration of the proposed absence and the time of year

·         It’s nature and parental wishes

·         Whether the reason for absence is a rare ‘one off’ event


Permission is likely to be refused if:


·         Your child has already had some absence in the current or preceding year

·         No leave can be granted for a year 6 pupil during the SATs period which is always during the month of May.

·         It coincides with the start of the school year

·         The reason given is for a holiday.

·         The school believes it may have a harmful effect on your child’s education


DID YOU KNOW that if a child is taken away for a two week holiday every year during term time and has an average number of days off for sickness and appointments, then by the time they leave at sixteen they will have missed a year of school?




Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mrs C Silvester


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