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World Book Day


What a brilliant book day!


We have had a fantastic day full of stories, stories and more stories. From sharing our own books and dressing up as some of our favourite characters to listening to author Simon Farnaby talking about his cheeky character 'Bubbles' in his newly launched book, The Wizard and Me.


Take a look at some of our costumes, which characters can you spot?


Children's Mental Health Week


This week we have been thinking about mental health. We read The Boy With Big Feeling by Britney Lee Winn and then thought about our own feelings. We thought about what happens when they get 'too big', how we can deal with them and the support we have around us. 


🤗 The Boy with Big, Big Feelings - Storytime with Daddy | Children's Books Read Aloud

OBKidz | Storytime with Daddy! Sit back and enjoy this read aloud of The Boy with Big, Big Feelings, by Britney Winn Lee! Narration Voice: adult maleSubsc...

We though about what we can do if we feel overwhelmed and tried out some of our ideas including: listening to music, talking to others and making art. Here we are making some expressive faces from clay.

Career Week


We have had a brilliant few days learning about different careers. On Wednesday we enjoyed coming into school dressed up in an outfit that represents what we would like to do when we are older. 

Over the first three days we have had a look at some interesting careers including, nursing, journalism, personal training and more.

The Missing Biscuits


After lunch on Thursday 6th January, Year 2 walked back to class discussing a speculation that a police car had been seen in the staff car park. When they returned to class, they were shocked to find Mrs Martin's biscuits had been eaten. The class had to gather visual evidence which included gardening gloves, a head torch and more to make inferences. 

We took this further by thinking about how fingerprints are used to identify individuals. Every child printed and explored their own prints.



After reading some poems from 'Out and About' by Shirley Hughes we decided to write our own poems. We started by finding vocabulary inspiration on a frosty day in our school field. 


Part of our English this half term is based on the book 'The World Came to My Place' by Jo Readman

You can have a listen here...

Story Time with Miss Gray - The world came to my place today by Jo Readman and Ley Honor Roberts

Ever wondered where things came from or how they were made? George learns all about it from his Grandpa who teaches him about the world.



We have been finding out about how to use a search engine to collect information. We decided to research North America because we have been learning about baked beans and how they start their journey there! 

We learnt how to identify keywords in our research questions and use these to find information online quickly. When we found some information we shared it on our class fact sheet.

Doughnut Sculptures


This term we have been reading 'The World Came to My Place' by Jo Readman. We have been looking at different foods and where they come from.

In Art we decided to have some fun looking at food too! We started by looking at doughnut sculptures by Peter Anton. We then developed our observational drawing skills by sketching doughnuts (then we ate them!). We have had great fun learning how to use newspaper to create a paper mache doughnut form ready to paint and 'ice'.

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