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Meet the Teacher Presentation Autumn 2021

Walnut Christmas Party Tuesday 14th December

On Tuesday 14th December, we had our Christmas party. Unfortunately, not all of us were in to celebrate but we look forward to welcoming them back to class. We played some Christmas party games with Mrs Sherwood and Miss Catherall, then we were treated to a film and some party food. We ended the party by crossing arms with each other and opening Christmas crackers. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Computing Animation Lesson Monday 13th December

On Monday 13th December, we created flipbook animations. We drew a simple drawings on several different pages but with one part of the drawing was different to show movement. We had lots of fun creating these and we were impressed with the way they turned out.

Anti Bullying Week 'One Kind Word' Monday 15th November - Friday 19th November

The slogan for Anti-Bullying Week this year was 'One Kind Word'. We discussed as a class what it means to be kind and how we can show kindness to others. Then, we conducted some research on bullying and what to do if it happens. We used this information to create anti-bullying posters with the message to spread 'One Kind Word'.

Stone Age Day at Hill End Thursday 4th November

On Thursday 4th November, we went on our 1st school trip to Hill End for a Stone Age day. Our amazing instructor John reminded us about the periods within the Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic) and then we were split into two tribes; The Bears and The Wolves. Our first task of the day was to make a nomadic shelter out of sticks, leaves and fake animal hide and to see whether our shelters protected us from the weather. Some of us got very wet! After this, John create a fake animal and we had to throw a neolithic spear at the target so we could practise the skills our ancestors would have used (No animals were harmed during this activity). Before lunchtime, we sat in a neolithic roundhouse and John explained how they would of been made. We then split back into our tribes and we had a go at cooking our own neolithic bread round a fire, making neolithic axes from wood, string and flint and grinding down wheat to make flour, using only the tools the neolithic people would have used. We had such a fantastic time at Hill End and we have really enjoyed learning about the Stone Age as our history topic. 

DT Creating our own Stonehenge - Wednesday 20th October

Over the last week, we have been designing our own version of Stonehenge. We thought about the purpose of our Stonehenges and how our design would change, depending on the purpose, whether this be a wedding, funeral or  in line with the equinox. We used salt dough as our material for building our henges. Our next task is to paint our Stonehenges and evaluate them so we know how to improve next time. We can't wait to show you the finished results! 

Rugby Afternoon with Gloucester Rugby - Wednesday 13th October

On Wednesday 13th October, we were very lucky to have a rugby afternoon with a coach from Gloucester Rugby. To start off the afternoon, we played a few warm up games and then learnt some basic rugby skills. We learnt how to pass a rugby ball accurately and how to catch a ball being passed to us. Once we were confident with these new skills, we were put into teams and played end ball, which involved us passing to our team mates from one side of the pitch to the other, whilst the other team try to get it off us (without tackling). We had so much fun and can not wait to play more rugby in the future. A massive thank you to Mrs Wilson and Gloucester Rugby for organising it for us. 

Trim Trail Adventure - Friday 29th September

On Friday 29th September, we were very lucky to try out the new school equipment - The Trim Trail. Using our school values Resilience, Respect and Patience, we used new skills to overcome problems and obstacles that were in front of us and complete the trail. We had lots of fun negotiating around the new trim trail and are so excited to use it on our chosen day for many years to come. 

Types of Skeleton Science Lesson Thursday 16th September

On Thursday 16th September, our science lesson was focused on different types of skeletons. We learnt which animals had endoskeletons (inside the body), exoskeletons (outside the body) and hydrostatic skeletons (made from fluid). We had to sort which animals had which type of skeleton and explain the advantages and disadvantages of those skeletons. We had lots of fun and learnt lots of wonderful new vocabularly and knowledge.

O.A.A P.E Lesson Tuesday 14th September

On Tuesday 14th September, we took part in our 2nd Outdoor Adventurous Activities (O.A.A)P.E lesson of the year. Mrs Swale split us into different groups and showed us what we had to do as a team. The idea of the activity was to collect as many bean bags as you could but there was a catch...


One member of our team was blind folded whilst the others couldn't touch the bean bags! We had to harness our amazing team work skills to communicate to our team mates; showing resilience, unity and responsibilty. We had such a great time and we can't wait for our next PE lesson. 

Our First French Lesson - Wednesday 8th September

Greeting in French.MOV

Still image for this video
Some brave volunteers showing us how we greet each other in French

Greeting in French 2.MOV

Still image for this video
Some brave volunteers speaking in French.

For our first lesson in French, Mr Coard taught us how to say hello, ask someone thier name and how to respond. We practised saying these words out loud and then wrote them down in our books. Once finished, we walked around our classroom, greeting each other in French. Mr Coard then introduced us to a song called 'Deux Petits Oiseaux' and it help us practise our new words. We had lots of fun!

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