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Art (term 6)

The printing begins...

This week in art, we tried some printing using black ink, rollers and many materials. We had to make a small plate to print using a variety of different materials (we tried to make them look like tigers if we could to keep with our Tiger theme).

Here we are making our plates using the materials provided: 



Then it was time to print. We learnt that we had to wait for the ink to sound sticky before printing. We rolled over our designs using the ink, then pressed the paper down using a clean roller to produce our final printing. 



Science - recycling

Last week, our science lesson focused on recycling and the different bins that things can be recycled into. We worked in groups to decide which bin would be best for a variety of everyday objects. 



Maths - measuring

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about length and height in maths. We have had great fun measuring in centimetres (cm) and metres (m). 

Science - changing shape

This term in science we have continued learning about everyday materials and their properties. 

In this lesson, we explored how the shape of everyday objects can change through bending, twisting, stretching and squashing. We worked in groups and used Venn diagrams to compare how the objects could change. We were particularly intrigued by the balloon as we found that it was easy to change its shape when it was deflated, but much more difficult when it was inflated.




Queen Elizabeth II portraits

This week, we created portraits of Queen Elizabeth II using pencil and oil pastels. We started by looking at pictures of the Queen. We noticed similarities between the pictures, such as the bright outfits and hats that she wears. 

In our sketch books, we drew a picture of the Queen using pencil. We then used oil pastels in our sketch books to test which colours would go well together (outfit and background) and which colours possibly wouldn't work as well.



After we had chosen our colours, we moved onto the bigger paper. We once again used pencil to draw the Queen and then we used our pastels to fully colour our portraits, including the whole background. Check out our portraits of the Queen: 

Rangoli patterns - 17.5.22

Today we made Rangoli patterns! We started by exploring what Rangoli patterns are and how they link to Diwali. Following this, we went outside and used things that we could find outside (e.g. leaves and sticks) to create our own Rangoli patterns. 

We then went inside and made Rangoli patterns using shapes. 

Computing - making music (term 5)

This term in computing we are creating our own music using Chrome Music Lab. 

W started by listening to a series of songs called 'The Planets' by Gustav Holst, noticing the similarities and differences, and the rhythm and pulse. 

Then, in pairs, we used Chrome Music lab to make our own piece of music: 

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to make more music in computing using Chrome Music Lab. 

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