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DT - Trench Models

We have had lots of fun recreating WW1 trenches inside shoe boxes.

WW1 Day at Hill End


What was it like being a soldier in the trenches during WW1?

We had a great day experiencing this for ourselves at Hill End, where activities included: throwing grenades, hiding in trenches and creeping up on the enemy!  Kim, our instructor, also extended our knowledge of the subject by giving us lots of interesting facts. 

Our Visit to Faringdon Community College

On Monday 18th October, Willow Class went on a Taster Day to FCC. First, we had a Science lesson and leanrt about alkalis, acids and PH scales. We poured the substances carefully into a test tube one by one and tried to make rainbows. Then we went into a History lesson and designed our own Time Capsule. At snack time we had juice and cookies then we played 'It' in the gym. Everyone had fun! At lunch time the class were able to have school dinners, the food included: burgers, sausage rolls and pizza. We all had a lot of fun!


Written by Faye 






Science - Light Investigations

Over the last two science lessons we have been investigating Light. We asked questions about shadows, for example; Does a shadow get larger or smaller if the object is closer to a light source? Where is the darkest place in the classroom? and does the shadow change it's shape depending on the type of light source? We used our school data loggers to gather the information. 

Geography - OS map work

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at maps, we have looked at OS map symbols and grid references. 


Science- Refraction of Light

Today we investigated Refraction. Light waves travel at a different speed when they go through other transparent materials, such as water or glass. This causes the rays of light to change direction and bend. This is known as refraction.

Refraction creates illusions. Because light bends when it travels between air and water or glass, objects seen through these materials look bent or distorted. These are some investigations that we used to demonstrate refraction.

IMPS - Thursday 23rd September


Today Willow Class took part in The Injury Minimization Programme for Schools (I.M.P.S.). We learnt how to keep ourselves safe by looking at different scenarios and also what to do in an emergency. 



Science - Wednesday 15th September

Our Science unit this term is Light. This week in our Science lesson we made our own Periscopes. We had to think carefully about how to add the mirrors at exactly the right angle so that they reflected the image correctly.

Periscopes were used during WW1 as an optical device that soldiers used to observe the ground in front of their trenches and fortifications, without taking the risk of raising their eyes above the parapet and creating a target for enemy snipers.  

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