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The John Blandy Trust

The John Blandy Trust originates from the 17th Century, when John Blandy left some money to set up a school to teach boys the art of navigation. The school once taught 72 children in two classrooms in the building which is now the Scout Hut!


Our school was built in 1968 to accommodate the new families moving into the area.

More recently, due to the growth of Southmoor and Kingston Bagpuize, the school was in need of more classrooomsto cater for children moving to the area. Our Rainbow Building was completed on 18th December 2020, in the midst of the Covid pandemic. 


We are partly governed by the John Blandy Trust, and a trustee sits on our Local Governing Body. Last year, we received £1500 from the Trust, which we have set aside to pay for additional experiences for some of our children that may not otherwise have opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities.

This year, the John Blandy Trust have kindly donated a further £2000 to enable children to experience activities that will enrich their learning experiences at school. 

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