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Monday 4th April - DT Lesson

For our DT lessons, we designed a healthy wrap, using ingredients from Greece. Mr Coard supervised us when cutting our ingredients and making sure we are safe. Afterwards, we evaluated our wraps and how we could improve them for next time. We enjoyed making our wraps and how they tasted!

Thursday 3rd March - World Book Day

Wednesday 2nd February - Computing Lesson

During our computing lessons, we loaded up a website called scratch. We learnt how to move the sprites by inputting instructions on the computer and directing the sprites where to move. We enjoyed our lesson and can't wait to try more of these at home.

Tuesday 18th January - English Lesson

This week, we have been learning about letter writing. We learnt about the key features of letters and looked at several letter examples to see if we could find those key features within the text. Based on what we found, we created our own letter writing success criteria so we can use it to help us create our own letters later in the week. 

Wednesday 12th January - PE Dance Lesson

In PE on Wednesday 12th January, we have started our dance sequence of lessons. Firstly, we learnt some knowledge about dance and what it means. Then, we were shown a routine and we practised it to the music. After some more practise, Mr Coard instructed us to choreograph our own routines, using the first dance  we practised. We had so much fun and we are looking forward to our lesson next week! Who knows, maybe Mr Coard will start dancing... 

Wednesday 5th January - Careers Day

On Wednesday 5th January, we returned to school after a lovely Christmas break and we were asked to come in to school dressed as what we would like as a job or career when we are older. All the teachers greeted us on the playground and they were dressed up in the jobs they would of chosen as a child. We had lots of fun discussing our jobs and we all know that if we believe in ourselves, we would have started the journey towards our dream job.

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