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Summer 2024

Wednesday 19th July Birch Class All Together One Last Time

Thank you to all our parents, teaching staff and friends for making our year in Birch very special. We will miss you all but look forward to our new adventures next year. Have a great Summer! From Birch Class

Wednesday 19th July Year 1 Our Last Full Day

Wednesday 19th July Reception Our Last Full Day

Thursday 13th July Reception Trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park

On Thursday 13th July, all the EYFS children in both Birch and Oak class visited Cotswold Wildlife Park. This was the first time our children have been on a school trip and they were all very excited. When we arrived, the children caught a glimpse of their first animals; the Pallas Cat and some very active Binturongs, that smelt of popcorn. Once we had our snacks, we visit the reptile house and saw a range of different snakes and lizards, followed by the fruit bat exhibit. It was all very exciting.  After that, we walked through the farmyard exhibit and so we could enter ‘The Woods’, where we saw Tapirs, Wallabies and the Wolves. Once we had left the woods, we walked past the Rhino enclosure where we met ‘Mollie’ and ‘Queenie’, the two baby rhinos with their mums. This led the way to one of our favourite animals, the Lions, who were very active, licking their paws and eyeing up our lunches, so obviously we sat under the trees and ate our lunch next to the lions. Next, it was a quick detour to visit the giraffes feeding and then long walk towards The Walled Garden, where we saw meerkats, otters and a crowd favourite, the penguins. As our time at Cotswold was coming to an end, we went to the tropical house and spotted the sloth amongst the trees and finally entering the Madagascar exhibit, where we walked next to the lemurs. We had such a fantastic day and members of the public commented on how well behaved all our children were and how respectful they were of the animals. As a team, we are very proud of the EYFS children as the represented the values we hold a John Blandy to the highest standard as well as learning a lot about the different animals and their habitats. We would like to say a heartfelt thanks to all the EYFS team and the parent helpers that accompanied us on the trip. Without your support, the trip wouldn’t have been a success.


Wednesday 12th July Reception Final Dough Disco Session

Throughout the year, we have been participating in Dough Disco. We have had lots of fun using playdough to help develop our fine motor skills through dancing and manipulating the playdough in different ways. Thank you to  our special music guest DJ Penny (Mrs Penny) for guiding us through Dough Disco this year.

Tuesday 4th July Maths Cuisenaire Rods

In our math lesson, we learnt about Cuisenaire Rods and how to used them. The rods represented different numbers below 10 and we paired them up with another rod to show number bonds to 10. We showed this in many different ways.  

Monday 3rd July Reception Chalk Playground Fun

During Lunch Time, we used chalks to create our own creative drawings and write fantastic words. We had lots of fun and can't wait to have a go every Lunch Time.

Thursday 20th June Year 1 Maths Comparing Different Numbers

19th June - 3rd July Reception Forest School

We had a fantastic time at forest school. We made all sorts of wonderful things, including Bug Hotels and Dens. Thank you to Mrs Reading and Mrs Penny for taking us, we had lots of fun.

Wednesday 14th June Year 1 Maths Comparing Amouts of Money

In Maths, we were given the tast of comparing different amounts of money. We used symbols for <, > and = to compare different amounts of money, represented in both coins and notes.

Friday 21st April Reception - Emergency Services Visit

On Friday 21st April, we had a visit from the local emergency services. They showed us what was inside their emergency vehicles and talked to us about what they do to help people. We even got to sit inside the vehicles and turn on the sirens. Thank you for all the hard work you do and for visiting us today. 

Friday 21st April Year 1 - Maths Learning Arrays

During our maths lesson on Friday 21st April, we discovered what an array is and how to use them. We used lots of physical resources to help us use arrays to solve calculations. We had lots of fun using them and can't wait to use them again. 

Wednesday 19th April Year 1 - English Role Play lesson

On Wednesday 19th April, we got to know the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' a little better by acting out certain events from the story. We got into the role of many characters from the story and worked in partners to recreate the events as accurately as we could. We had lots of fun and enjoyed re-telling the story in a different way. 

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