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Autumn 2023

DT - Autumn Term

In DT this term, we have learnt all about cams and how they can make motion. We experimented with some different shaped cams and then designed our own toy, thinking carefully about the type of movement we wanted and which cam would make this happen. Have a look at our creations below!

Science - Thursday 9th November

In Science this afternoon, we were exploring the effects of gravity on different objects. We used scales and Newton-meters to measure the mass and weight of each object, before analysing our results to see the relationship between the two. On the whole, our results showed us that the bigger the mass of the object, the larger the weight, however there were a few anomalies that we would retest to make our results more accurate.

Science Research Projects - Thursday 19th October

To finish off our topic of 'Space' in science, we worked in groups to carry out a research project. We chose our own research question, spent some time researching it on the chrome books, made a presentation and then practised it before presenting to the class. 

Maths - Place Value

To start off our topic of place value, we had fun playing a game called 'Nice or Nasty'. We particularly enjoyed the later versions of the game where we could really be 'nasty' and use our place value knowledge to ruin the other team's chances of winning!

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