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Summer 2024

Art - Our finished interpretations of Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!'

Art - Painting our background (foliage) for recreating Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!'

Computing - coding on Scratch (mazes)

Art - exploring how to make different shades of green

Trip to Science Oxford (Friday 19th April)

On Friday 19th April, we visited Science Oxford. The first activity we did was watching a light show in the theatre. We learnt that light travels very fast and in a straight line. We also did a bit of learning about shadows and trying to guess what shadows would be made: 



Then, after having a break, we spent time in the exploration zone. There were lots of activities to try in here! 

The final activity we did was a changing state workshop where we heated 6 different things to find out how they change state and observe what happened to them. 

We had a fantastic day on our trip to Science Oxford!

Geography - using atlases to help us locate countries with rainforests

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