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Spring 2024

DT- Designing a prototype bridge for a purpose

Year 6 were given a scenario and design brief for their DT project this term. They had to design and make a 1:100 scaled model bridge that would be a service bridge from a local power station to the nearest town. The bridge would cross a river as well.  It had to span a gap of 50cm and allow boats that were up to 20cm tall to travel underneath. The children had to think about making the bridge strong enough to carry two lanes of traffic and also make it attractive. The children enjoyed working in teams and using everyday materials to create their bridges. 

Computing - variables in games

This term we have been working on designing and creating our own 'catching' games using Scratch. We have had to create a game with a timer, score and moving objects which we need to catch. This has taken us some weeks to pull all our learning together. Below are some photos of us in action.

Willow Class China Experience Day


On Wednesday 7th February, Willow Class held their China experience day. We started the morning exploring Chinese New Year, its origins, history, traditions and importance throughout the Chinese culture. We then learnt a little Mandarin which was a steep learning curve for us all - we counted to 10, learnt a basic new year greeting and also had a go at writing some numbers.  After break we learnt how to use chop sticks and had great fun competing in our pairs in "move the sweet races". We rounded the morning off creating Chinese New Year cards to take home to our families.

The afternoon saw us put our culinary skills to the test and we made chinese dumplings and spring rolls. The children enjoyed making the dough and rolling out pastry, as well as chopping, mixing and mashing. A very big thank you here to Mrs Kuzmina who spent the full afternoon over the hob and oven, ensuring our creations were cooked to perfection. The dumplings and spring rolls were polished off by the children and I'm not sure there were many left to take home!

A very big thank you to Mrs Stanley and Mrs Kuzmina for helping to make it a great day for the children. It was a brilliant day and hopefully the children enjoyed it as much as we did!

Spring Term-  Curriculum Letter and Web for Parents. 

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