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Summer 2024

Maths - Tuesday 18th July

In maths today, we learnt about volume. We enjoyed exploring different shapes that have the same volume. 

Have a look below at our work in action!

STEM Project

The whole school were set a STEM project to complete in the Summer term. In Year 5, we were given the challenge to investigate which elastic band-motorised vehicle would travel the furthest. 

We spent a day planning, making, testing and presenting our investigations.

Coronation Picnic

To celebrate the coronation, we enjoyed a royal picnic in the classroom. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed listening to some music whilst we ate!

DT - Making Scones

After the taste testing, we planned our own scones in groups, thinking about the flavours and ingredients we wanted to include. We then had a chance to make our scones which was a great experience (and very messy!). Have a look at the photos below to see us in action!

DT - Evaluating Existing Products

In DT this term, it was our turn to do food technology. We made some scones to celebrate our British heritage. Before we could make our own, we carried out some taste testing, to see which flavour scones we enjoyed the most. We rated each type of scone against different criteria, based on their appearance, taste and texture.

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