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Summer 2024

Sailing - Tuesday 4th June

Today, we went for our first of two sailing lessons at Farmoor Reservoir. Although it was very cold, we had a great time and can't wait to go back again in July!

Food Technology - Thursday 16th May

Today, we carried on with our DT and started to make our scones! The first 5 groups had a chance to bake theirs today and the remaining groups will be baking theirs between now and half term. Have a look at our creations below!

Year 5 residential - 8th-10th May

On Wednesday 8th May, Year 5 went on a residential to Adventure Plus in Clanfield, which is not far from school. When we got there, we had a tour of the site and then went straight into our activities (it took ages just to be allowed into our cabins). Our first activity was a mixture of team games: gutter ball, minefield and cross the river. After this, we had a picnic lunch, outside of our cabins. Next, in our three groups, we went off and did separate activities. Group 1 did biking and groups 2 and 3 did climbing and archery. Throughout the week, all groups had a go at these activities, with a split decision on the favourite! Finally, at 5pm, we were allowed into our cabins (at the relief of many children!). We spent some time unpacking before having a yummy dinner of chicken and chips, followed by an ice lolly. Later on in the week, we also took part in fencing and bushcraft. Despite the hot suits, fencing was an enjoyable experience and something that many of us had not done before. After lunch on Thursday, we went on a trek and ended up enjoying some time in the park (after a lot of moaning about how far we had walked!). Dinner on Thursday was sausages and mash, followed by chocolate cake and ice cream! Delicious! Friday consisted of the final rotation of activities before packing up, having some lunch and heading home to see our families. Overall, we had an unforgettable time there and we are all very proud of ourselves for staying away from home for two nights!             


By Juno, Scarlett and Ria  

DT - Food technology - Wednesday 24th April

In DT this term, we are doing food technology, with a focus on baking scones. Today, we got to taste test a variety of scones, including plain, fruit and cheese. The cheese scone was a firm favourite among many of the children!

We then got into groups and planned the scones that we are going to make later on this term. Variations include plain, chocolate chip and fruit!

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