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Summer 2024

Our parents and carers letter for the summer term

Curriculum overview for summer term

Monday 15th April Maths Lesson Year 1 Counting in 2s

During our first Maths lesson back, we worked in pairs and used physical resources to help us count in 2s. We had lots of fun recognising that all the numbers were even.

Friday 19th April English Lesson Writing Noun Phrases

In English, we looked at a picture from The Great Fire of London. We used determiners, adjectives and nouns to create noun phrases to help us describe the picture. 

Friday 26th April Year 1 Maths Lesson Making Equal Groups

During our maths lesson, we used physical resources from the maths trolley to help us make equal groups. We were asked to find equal groups of numbers, count the total we had and display them on our table.

Friday 26th April Science Lesson Habitats

Every week we look forward to our science lessons! This week, we learnt about different habitats and the living things that live there. We chose our favourite habitat and drew it. Omn the back, we were asked to list all the living things that we would find in that habitat and Mr Coard put our work into our floor book.

Friday 10th May English Lesson Imperative Verbs

Throughout the  week, we have been learning about instructions and the features they contain. Today, we focused on imperative verbs and learnt what they meant. After playing Simon Says, we spotted the imperative verbs within the sentences and then we played a bossy verb game. We had lots of fun following the imperative verbs and made sure we listened carefully to ensure we followed the instructions.

Monday 13th May English Lesson Following Instructions

Miss Moore gave each table a set of instructions that had been rearranged into a different order. We were asked to put the instructions in the correct order and then follow the instructions to see if they worked. I wonder what we are being asked to do?

Friday 17th May Science Lesson Micro Habitats

In our lesson, we learnt about microhabitats and where you can find them. We talked about what we might find in a micro habitat how we can look after them.

Monday 20th May Art Lesson Georgia O'Keefe Inspired Paintings

In Art, we have based our artwork around the artist Georgia O’Keefe. We drew flower but enlarged them to look like they were up close. We used water colours and oil pastels to add extra detail to our flowers.

Wednesday 5th June Pirate Poetry

In English, we learnt a new poem called 'Meet the Pirates'. We were put into different groups and were asked to learn a verse and come up with pirate actions to help perform our poem. Also, we put on our best pirate accents and performed our verse to the class. 

Tuesday 18th June PE Skipping with Dan the Skipping Man

We were very lucky to have Dan the Skipping Man visit us today at school. First, we learnt how to skip. Then, we learnt many different ways to skip and finally, we had a go at skipping on a single rope where we had to jump and hop (some of us did it with our eyes closed!) We had so much fun and would like to thank Mrs Cairns for organising it for us.

Tuesday 18th June Maths Telling time to the nearest o'clock

In maths, we learnt about the minute and hour hands and what they look like on an analogue clock. Then, we used clocks to move the minute and hour hands to make the time o'clock for a range of different times. We enjoyed moving the clock's hands and how they move clockwise every hour. 

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