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Autumn 2023

Carol Singing at Petypher House


On Tuesday 19th December, our Year 5 and 6 classes visited Petypher House to sing carols. The children sang beautifully and spent time chatting to the residents. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and was a lovely way to celebrate Christmas with our wider community.

Hill End WWI Experience Day

On  Tuesday 14th of November, Willow class had an amazing adventure at Hill End as part of our WW1 learning. It all started when we were met by Commanding Officer Charlie who gave us our uniform and escorted us to the training field. After marching 120 miles to Dover we got onto a boat and were transported to France where we were given our rifles and pistols.


Then we marched another 100 miles to Belgium where we met Commanding Officer Richard and were directed straight to the front line! In teams of 4 or 5 we had to go on an investigation to find Germans hiding in our trenches. Did you know; these were the actual trenches that soldiers trained in?

We re-enacted some famous photos from the trenches and got together to eat lunch. After lunch, we heard Germans approaching and we forged our way into battle. Helpers and teachers were the Germans and we had to go and attack. Our aim was to invade the enemy trenches. We are happy to say that after strategising with our Commanding Officers Charlie and Richard, our mission was a success and we had won the battle! 


We would like to give our thanks to Hill End, it was the best day in year 6 so far, and a thank you to our parents and carers for making it possible.


By Lilly and Levi 


This term we have been studying the World War 1 and 2 war artist Paul Nash. We have created our own own paintings in the style of Paul Nash. 


We have been learning all about our digestive system this term. We worked in groups and created posters showing everything we have learnt. Mrs Cairns and Mrs Kane now call us experts!!


On Friday 15th September , we had our IMPS session. We learnt many ways to keep ourselves safe and to help others including; how to place a casualty into the recovery position and how to give CPR. Lots of fun was had by all. 


Our first science topic this year  is Animals (including humans). Last week we learnt about the different parts of the circulatory system and how it all fits together. Today, we used this knowledge to make "live models" of the circulatory system, using various equipment to represent the heart, lungs and blood vessels with the children being the "blood" moving through the system.

House Captains

Yesterday, we held the voting to elect our new House Captains for the coming year. We were very impressed by all the Year 6 candidates who stood up in front of their houses to give a speech - not an easy feat! We'll be announcing the winners in Friday's assembly but whatever the outcome, all the candidates did a brilliant job and we were very proud of them all!

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