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Spring 2024

Our parents and carers letter for the spring term

Our curriculum overview for the spring term

Wednesday 10th January English Lesson Making a List

In English, we listened to the first part of our new story 'The Great Explorer" by Chris Judge. We listened to what Tom had taken on his trip and we discussed what we would need to take with us if we went on an adventure. 

Friday 12th January WOW Morning Polar Explorers

Monday 15th January English Lesson Retelling a story 'The Great Explorer'

We used our story maps we created on Friday to help us retell the story 'The Great Explorer' by Chris Judge. In our groups, we thought of actions and facial expressions to bring the story to life. Then, we showed the class our 'freeze frames' from different parts of the story.

Tuesday 16th January Art Lesson Sketching Fruit in the style of Paul Cezanne

During our Art lessons this term, we have been focusing our learning around the artist Paul Cezanne. We were tasked with sketching an apple, that was on our table, in the style of Paul Cezanne. Mr Coard modelled how to sketch an apple, using the different techniques we learnt last lesson. We had lots of fun and can't wait to create our final piece of art. 

Monday 29th January Year 1 Maths Counting in 10s

We used a range of physcial resources to help us count in tens to create numbers.

Monday 5th February Art Lesson Paul Cezanne Fruit Artwork

During our Art lessons, we have been focusing our learning on Paul Cezanne and his impressonist style of painting and drawing. We designed our back ground and drew our  own fruit for our project. Once drawn, we used oil pastels to create patterns on the back ground and to add texture to our fruit, using a mix of different colours to add detail to the apples. We hope you enjoy looking at our art work.

Monday 19th February Year 1 Maths Measuring

In Year 1, we were introduced to the concept of measuring. First, we used multi-link to measure a range of different items around the classroom. We had lots of fun trying to be as accurate as possible and comparing the size of different objects.

Thursday 22nd February English Drama A Squash and a Squeeze

We have been reading 'A Squash and a Squeeze' by Julia Donaldson so we got into the role of the Little Old Woman and a different animal and acted out the book. We took it in turns to change roles and we used our acting skills to help bring the story to life. 

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