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Autumn 2023

Our parents and carers letter for the autumn term

Our curriculum overview for the autumn term

Tuesday 5th September - Our First Day

We started our first day in Horse Chestnut class full of smiles and happiness. We spoke about our expectations for the year and what it means to be in Horse Chestnut class. It was lots of fun and we can't wait to start our learning journey together.

Thursday 14th September - English Lesson

During our English lessons, we focused our learning round the famous fable 'The Hare and The Tortoise'. Using our story maps we had created in a previous lesson, we practised re-telling our own version of the story. We used actions and expressions to captivate our audience and bring the story to life. It was lots of fun being a story teller and can't wait to share the story with you at home.

Thursday 28th September Maths Lesson Year 1

In Year 1, we learnt about greater than >, less than < and equal to =. We used physical resources to build numbers and then placed the symbols in the correct place. We had lots of fun with this activity and we can now explain if a number is >, < or = to another number. 

Wednesday 11th October English Lesson

In English, we listened to a poem called 'It's Harvest Time'. We were put in to different groups and worked together to create actions for the poem, which would help us perform it to the class. It was great listening to all the amazing ideas and supporting our friends with their performances. 

Tuesday 10th October Music Mr Scarecrow for Harvest Festival

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We were singing one of our favourite songs for the Harvest Festival 'Mr Scarecrow'. We enjoyed learning the actions and learning all the words. We hope you enjoy watching it. 

Friday 13th October Maths Lesson Year 1 Systematic Number Bonds

In Year 1, we used physical resources to help us write out our number bonds for numbers within 10. We put cubes on butterflies and then counted how many were on each wing. This helped us write our number bonds systematically.

Harvest Poem by Horse Chestnut Class

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For our Harvest Festival, we wrote a class poem about vegetables and food during Harvest time. We thought of our own actions and performed the poem to our parents and guardians in the school hall. We hope you enjoy listen to it.

Monday 30th October Year 1 Maths Lesson Finding Part of a Number

In maths, we used a range of manipulatives to help us find part of a number using part/whole models. We found many different ways to make the whole number some of us work in pairs to figure out the part that was missing.

Monday 30th October History Lesson The Gunpowder Plot

In History, we learnt about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. First. After listening to why it happened, we next ordered a series of events of when they happened and then, we freeze framed the events and showed them to the class.

Tuesday 7th November PE Lesson Gymnastics

In PE, we learnt about safety on the apparatus. We learnt what we could do and how to use it safely. Using the apparatus was great fun and we can't wait to practise our balances and movements on them.

Monday 13th November English Lesson Fiction or Non Fiction

During our English lesson, we learnt about the differences between fiction and non fiction books. Once we discussed the key features, we split into our table groups and read a selection of different books. We enjoyed finding the key features of different fiction and non fiction books and it was fun to discuss the new books we had read with our friends.

Monday 20th November Maths Lesson 2D shapes

In class, we learnt about 2D shapes and how they are all around us in the world. Half of us created shape pictures, using a range of 2D shapes, whilst the half went on a shape hunt around the school. Once finished, we swapped over and completed the other activity.  

Thursday 23rd November Science Lesson Planting Seeds

In Science, our topic is plants. We learnt about the different parts of the plant and how plants grow. Then, we planted our seeds into a special pot, watered them and we are now waiting for them to grow. 

Wednesday 29th November PE Lesson Gymnastics

In PE, we focused on our body tension and how if we squeeze our muscles tighter, we can hold our shape balances better. Once we held our shapes for 5 seconds, we travelled to the next balance in many different ways such as walking, hopping and skipping. We showed the class our amazing balances and travelling. 

Monday 4th December D.T Lesson Joing Two or More Materials Together

In D.T, we learnt about different ways we can join two or more materials together. We used a range of different techniques such as a flange, tab, slot and brace to build some free standing structures.

Wednesday 13th December English Lesson T'was The Night Before Christmas Poetry

In English, we listened to a performance of the famous poem 'T'was The Night Before Christmas'. We enjoyed listening to the poem then, we split into groups and learnt a verse from the famous poem. We thought of some actions to help us remember the words and then we performed our verse to the class.

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