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Sports Premium

Schools receive PE and sport premium funding based on the number of pupils in years 1 to 6. The funding is designed to improve the provision of PE and sports in primary schools.


On this page you will find details of how much funding we have received for this academic year and a full breakdown of how we’ve spent the funding or plan to spend the funding. You will also find details of the effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment and information about how we’ll make sure these improvements are sustainable for the longer term.


School Sports’ Funding



£8,000 lump sum + £5 per Primary aged child (£8900)


In the academic year of 2016-2017, we aim to build on our sporting achievements of 2015-2016. We are looking to spend our Sports’ Funding on the following areas:


  • Faringdon Partnership – our money will be used to support the partnership, so that we can continue to encourage competitive sports within our partnership and participate in competitions and festivals
  • Vale Sports membership – this enables our staff to attend training in different areas of sports and supporting different groups of children, including SEN and our pupil premium children. It also enables our children to become actively involved in the Vale Sports festivals
  • Lunchtime supervision – sporting activities and games will be run by our lunchtime supervisors, encouraging the children to further develop skills of fair play, turn taking and keeping active
  • Play leaders – Yr 6 children to be trained in leading play activities (October 2016). Children to lead activities, supported by lunchtime supervisors, encouraging children to participate in sports and games.
  • Participation - Increase participation of sports of our more reluctant children, by offering a variety of sports on offer and the opportunity to take part in a range of sports festivals. 
  • Sports’ mark - Working towards the Silver sports’ mark, improving on our current bronze mark – increase the number of inter-house activities and shouting out about our great achievements through different media! We would also like children supporting others in sport (eg: play leaders)
  • Variety of sports - Increase in variety of sports on offer for children eg: Orienteering, archery and quidditch.
  • Healthy schools- to encourage children to develop a greater understanding of how to be healthy through food and fitness (eg: Fit for Life club)
  • Increase % of KS1 children participating in sports (through coaching and after school activities aimed at KS1)
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