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We are Year Six children, taught by Mrs Kingdon and Mrs Coultas!



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WW1 Experience Day at Hill End (September 2019)

Looking at WW1 artefacts

I.M.P.S at Abingdon Hospital - 3rd October 2019

Today, Year 6 had a great morning taking part in the Injury Minimization Programme for Schools (I.M.P.S.) at Abingdon Hospital. 


We had the opportunity to visit the minor injury unit where we were shown some of the equipment used and watched an inter-active DVD, concentrating on injury prevention and basic first aid.  We were also taught how to use an automated external defibrillator and how to put someone in the recovery position.  The best part was coming home with a finger in plaster!  

As we have completed our this academic year and because we have completed the pre and post visit online quiz we have been awarded the…

‘Proud to be an I.M.P.S. school’  badge Image preview

Secondary School Experience Day at F.C.C.

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Computer Challenge Day



On Tuesday 15th October we spent the day at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for a Computer Challenge day. We began the morning completing STEM activities such as programming Beebots across a maze, designing tall towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti, following codes to solve puzzles and building Lego spaceships following exact requirements. 

After break we used Chrome Books to create slides about ourselves. We followed an online tutorial which taught us what to do. 

In the afternoon we programmed Micro-bits.












Harvest Festival

On Wednesday 16th October, we walked to St. John the Baptist Church in Kingston Bagpuize for our Harvest Festival service.

We sang the harvest songs that we have been practicing in singing assemblies and each class stood up and showed work or read poems.

Eight Year 6 children read their haiku poems about harvest.





Arts week

This Term as part of our whole school Arts week the year 6 children chose to base their work on one of their favourite books; ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell.

During the week, we learned how to draw a dragon and dragon’s eyes. We also made 3D dragon eyes and created some paper craft dragons.  For a whole school display we created a 6 foot long dragon’s tail!

Welcome assembly for Oak and Ash Children


On Monday 4th November, we welcomed the Reception children into our school assemblies. We each chose a buddy from Oak or Ash class and stood up and told the rest of the school some interesting information about them. Lots of parents came along and we sang our specially written Welcome song. It was great fun. The reception children stood up and showed off their handprints that they had created in class.

Tag Rugby Tournaments

October and November 2019


On Thursday 17 October we took part in the FAS Rugby Festival at FCC. We entered two teams and they both did incredibly well, with Team B finishing in fourth place and Team A winning the whole competition!


As winners of the FAS event, Team A qualified for the Vale Rugby Festival held on Tuesday 5 November at Grove Rugby Club. After playing some brilliant rugby, we finished in a fantastic third place out of 18 schools and have now qualified for the County Finals in May. We can’t wait to compete in this and play against the best schools in Oxfordshire!

Heart Academy

The Circulatory System


This term we have been learning about the circulatory system. As part of this work we have been using some exciting resources from the Heart Academy. The resources included online games and VR headsets which took us on a journey through the blood vessels into the heart, we could see all the chambers of the heart whilst we listened to heart pumping through our headsets. For more activities follow these links.

Password- heart




This term the children in Willow class have completed their Bikeability cycle training programme which teaches children practical skills and gives them the understanding and expertise they need to ride their bikes on the road. It replaces the old-fashioned Cycling Proficiency courses that many of us did as children.

There are three levels of Bikeability training

The Level 1 programme is the most basic stage of Bikeability. It takes place in a safe space such as a school playground, usually in groups of up to 12 children. They’re taught to control and master their bikes away from traffic. They learn to:

  • Prepare themselves and their bike for cycling.
  • Get on and off their bike without help.
  • Start, pedal and stop with control.
  • Use gears and avoid obstacles.
  • Look all around and behind, staying in control of their bike.
  • Share space with pedestrians and other cyclists

Level 2 is designed to give children the skills and confidence they need to ride on local roads, of the type that are often found around schools,’ says Paul Robison, director of the Bikeability support team and chair of trustees of the Bikeability Trust. In small groups of up to six children per instructor, kids learn to deal with traffic on short journeys, such as the trip to school. They’re taught to:

  • Prepare for on-road cycling.
  • Start and finish an on-road journey.
  • Recognise typical hazards.
  • Let others know what they’re about to do, e.g. through hand signals.
  • Know where to position themselves on the road.
  • Pass parked vehicles and side roads

Level 3 trains children to cycle on busier main roads, and to negotiate hazards such as traffic lights and roundabouts,’ Paul says. This is delivered on a one-to-one basis or in groups of up to three, so the instructor can tailor the content to each person’s individual needs, such as their route to school. They learn to:

  • Prepare for a journey.
  • Understand advanced road positioning.
  • Pass queuing traffic
  • Perceive and deal with hazards.
  • Understand driver blind spots.
  • React to hazardous road surfaces.

Carol Singing at Petypher House


Willow Class enjoyed the trip to Petypher House (with Year 5) to sing to the residents. We sang a collection of well-known Christmas carols which got everyone in the festive spirit! Afterwards, we were kindly given squash and biscuits and we then had a chance to chat to some of the people who live there. It was great to meet other members of our community and find interesting things about them. 

Design and Technology

Shoebox trenches


 This term the children in Willow class have been learning about life in the WW1 trenches.

Their work culminated in the production of “shoe box” trenches. The children had great fun designing and making them. Most children worked with a partner and it was great to see such brilliant teamwork.

The children used a range of materials such as cardboard, modroc, wire, cocktail sticks, lollipop sticks, glue and paint. They used a range of fixing methods including strong tape and glue guns. 




And the finished results...

Christmas Carol Service

On Tuesday 17th December, the children in Year 6 did a great job in reading the Christmas story for our whole school carol service. Many parents came and enjoyed the service led by Reverend Pickering and Gary. The songs were great and the really candles set the scene for a magical afternoon. 

After the service many parents stayed behind in school to enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a minced pie. 


Whole School Theatre Trip


Creation Theatre Company,

St. Edwards School, Oxford

On Wednesday 18th December, Years one to six went to see the Creation Theatre’s performance of The Snow Queen. We travelled on three coaches into Oxford with all the teachers and TA’s. It was a great performance, which we all enjoyed.

“I enjoyed throwing the snowballs onto the stage,” Harry D

“The Snow Queen came and stood right next to me,” Emily Tre

“The music made it feel a bit scary at times,” Tristan.



Atkins Lego Flood Model- January 2020

As part of our 'Rivers' work in Geography, we had an enjoyable afternoon trying to save Lego Oxford from flooding!  Thank you to Kevin and Millie from Atkins for bringing the model in and helping us to consider flood prevention strategies.

RE Visitor

 In our RE lessons this week we have been looking at 'Eternity'. Today we had an interesting talk from Stephen Hayward who shared his Christian viewpoint. We had lots of good questions to ask!

Science in Term 3


We have been learning about Electricity this term in our Science lessons. We have created our own investigations using electrical circuits. Some of us designed and made burglar alarms, some of us tested a range of materials for conductors and insulators, some of us investigated whether the brightness of a bulb was effected by the size of the battery. We thought carefully about the different variables in our investigations and also how to record our results.

Life Education Bus - February 2020


Our PSHE session in the Life Education Bus was called 'Decisions'.  We watched a scenario and had to decide what we would do in that situation. It was also interesting to learn about different types of drugs and how they affect our bodies.

SATs 2020 Parents Meeting Presentation

ART in Term 4

Printing Plates 

Our aim this term has been to explore the patterns and symbols used in Celtic art. We looked at Celtic shields, daggers, torc necklaces, bronze breastplates and similar items - the children noticed that spiral patterns, knot designs and symbols of nature such as boar’s heads, birds and trees occur frequently.   

We created a design for a printing plate inspired by these patterns and symbols.


On Tuesday 3 March the children enjoyed a tennis taster session delivered by Excel Tennis. They had great fun developing their skills through a range of activities, from balancing and bouncing balls on rackets to some fairly fancy footwork moves! If your child enjoyed the session and would like to play more, do sign up for the Excel After School Tennis Club via the link below. The club will run on Friday afternoons from Friday 13 - Friday 27 March (3.15-4.15) at a cost of £12 for 3 sessions. 



World Book Day 2020

Check out some of our fantastic ideas for book characters made from vegetables!


Our focus for Book Day was The Journey by Aaron Becker.  We began the day by getting into groups to discuss questions to spark our imagination. We then looked at the story which is a picture book without any words. It was amazing how much we found to talk about on each page! In pairs, we then had the challenge of producing a story map to retell the story from memory. 

During the afternoon, Year 6 had a lovely session reading books to the children of Oak and Ash classes. 



This term we are lucky to have coaches from Kingston Bagpuize Cricket Club working with us during our Games sessions. Despite the weather, we have had two great sessions so far and are all enjoying the fun games and skills that we are being taught. 

Science Week

9th –13th March

Theme: Keeping Healthy

Curly Wurly Challenge

- our record was 3m and 42cm long!

Forensic Science Session - 12th March

We solved the crime!


Willow Class had great fun doing the Danceathon for Sports Relief. 

Bath Bombs

As part of our Science week activities we have made some bath bombs. We thought carefully about the colours we used the essential oils we added. We also had to think carefully about the method we used and the quantities of ingredients.

Term 4 Computing




Friday March 20th

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