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There are numerous web sites and books about our universe and beyond! The following are a small selection to start you on your journey into space.


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Do you know what these garden creatures are? The below website might help you find out.

In my garden I can see...

While looking in my garden I have spotted lots of new growth. There are leaves growing, buds forming and flowers blooming. I'm very excited to see lots of flowers on my plum tree! Can you guess why I'm so pleased to have my fruit tree blossom?

Not everything is growing, some flowers are starting to droop and petals are falling on the ground. Can you spot any changes that are happening to the plants you can see in your garden, out of your window, or on your walk outside?

I can also see lots of weeds popping up! Maybe you can help your family with their gardening and discover all the new plants that are growing and learn their names.

What wildlife can you spot?

While you are gardening, or out on a walk, look out for birds, animals and bugs. How many can you spot?


Maybe you could keep a diary of all the wildlife you can see by drawing a picture and labeling it. 

Watch out for the friendly robin while you do some digging. It's hoping for a worm!


My sister was having lunch in her garden and a blue tit landed on her foot! You never know, if you are quiet and still, you may be able to befriend a garden bird too.


I am very excited to be watching blue tits making a home for themselves in my bird box. I hope they decide to stay!


I have yet to see a hedgehog this season, but a new home is in place just in case!  Can you see any hedgehog tracks, or holes in the mud near you fence?

If you have an indoor plant look for any changes. Has it started to flower? Has it got bigger? Can you look after it?

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