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Good Morning Elm Class!


Athletics this morning!  How many times can you jog around your garden without stopping - remember to pace yourself!  If you don't have a garden, how long can you jog on the spot - time yourself!  Today is all about balance.  Can you balance on one leg?  Can you balance a teddy on your head and walk around your house?  Can you balance a ball on different parts of your body? Can you balance an egg on a spoon?  Let us know what other balances you come up with!


Please see ideas for Phonics, English, Maths and History below.  Please do keep sending the photos, we love seeing them!


Miss Evans and Mrs Hardy


Clap for our NHS and Carers

Clap for our NHS and Carers  1
Lets fill our class page with rainbows to show our support for our NHS and carers.  Please email a photograph of a rainbow you have made. smiley
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