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Summer 2023

DT - Pneumatic Rainforest Animals

STEM challenge


In the Summer term, all year groups carried out different STEM challenges. For our STEM challenge in year 4, we investigated 'Which bridge will hold the heaviest weight?'

We started by learning about different types of bridges and then chose our materials - most of us chose cardboard! Then, we made predictions and wrote our method and equipment list before we started making! 

Once we had finished making our bridges, we then tested them using kg weights. We recorded our results in tables and drew conclusions. We ended the investigation by evaluating our bridges and choice of structure and materials. 

Exploring pneumatics (DT)

Art - Henri Rousseau 'Surprised!'


In art this term, we have been exploring and then recreating our own versions of Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!' We first identified the visual elements in his work and then started mixing different colours to make different shades of green. 


We then began working on our own versions of Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!'. We are very happy with how they turned out! Here are a few examples: 



Trip to Science Oxford - the exploration zone and habitat workshops

Year 4 STEM Day at FCC - making wind powered vehicles

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