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Spring Term Learning

Year 2 Term 3 Week 6 Music Week - Household Percussion

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Inspired by the metallic sounds in The Iron Man, this week we are experimenting with household objects to make percussion music!

Musical Structure and Tempo

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We have been looking at musical structure, dynamics and tempo! In this video, the pupil has created a musical structure using A, A, B, B and has also included slow tempo and fast tempo!

Year 2 Term 3 Week 5 Children's Mental Health Week - Giant Rainbow Challenge

Year 2 Term 3 Week 4 Science - Habitat Dioramas

To finish our Science topic on 'Animals and their habitats', we made habitat dioramas with Mrs Young!

Year 2 Term 3 Week 2 Geography Week - Map Skills

To finish Geography Week, we combined all the map skills we learnt over the course of the week to design a map for The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We had to make sure we included a key and a compass!

Year 2 Term 3 Week 1 Art Week - The Iron Man Sculpture Art Gallery

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