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Spring Term Learning

Maple Class Home Learning


Online Learning Expectations:


  1. Be on time for our live lessons (8.45 - Registration and English, 10 - Maths, 11.05 - Reading, 1 - Afternoon session)

  2. Be dressed appropriately (no pyjamas!).

  3. Be prepared (have a pencil, pen and paper, have headphones if possible - blocks out background noise when speaking). 

  4. Sit somewhere where you can focus. No lounging on beds or sofas! Ideal = table and chair with little distractions around you). 

  5. No eating - we are in a lesson!

  6. Always try your absolute best (even if you are short of time). 

  7. Be on mute at all times. Don’t come off mute unless I ask you to. No unmuting and calling out! Make sure you are on mute as soon as you join the call.

  8. Do not type in the chat unless asked to. 

  9. Attend all registrations and live inputs (contact the office if you are absent and they will pass the message on to me). 

  10. Hand in work for every lesson EVERY DAY.




Topic Web for the Spring Term 2021

Week 7 of Home Learning

For our first week back after half term, we started our RE sequence of lessons on Sikhism. We explore the symbols within the Sikhism religion, the 5 K's and the features of a Gurdwara. In English, we were asked to plan and start writing an extra final scene for William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. We planned out the scene by describing our settings and characters using some figurative language and we used a scene plan to map out out the events in our final scenes. In Maths, we continued our work on decimals and understanding how to add and subtract decimals. In Science, we conducted an investigation at home to find which materials were soluble or insoluble. 

Week 5 of Home Learning

During our fifth week of home learning, we started our Art sequence of lessons, focusing on Pointillism, which was made famous by the artist Georges Seurat. We practised our techniques and created some fantastic landscape pieces of art. In English, we finished reading 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare and we planned and wrote a book review about 'The Tempest'. In maths, we continued our work with fractions and looked at how we add and subtract improper fractions and mixed numbers. 
For our fourth week of home learning, we continued our journey with 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare and based our English lesson on the book. In Maths, we investigated adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and fractions with different denominators (it was really fun). In History, we learnt about Roman Gods and Goddesses and why they Romans worshipped them. Also, we research about the key events of the Roman Empire and put the events into chronological order along a number line. In Science, we investigated thermal conductors and insulators and the difference between them.

Week 3 of Home Learning

For our third week of home learning, we continued to venture further with 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare and our English lessons have been focused around the characters within the story, in particular Ariel and Caliban. In Maths, we started to look at fractions and investigated how to find equivalent fractions and how to order and compare these fractions in ascending and descending order. During our afternoon live sessions, we started our History topic and focused our learning on The Romans. We researched what life was like during the Roman period and the origin story of Rome (Romulus and Remus). In Science, we started our   Properties of Materials topic and we explored different materials and their properties. We also, went on a investigation to find different materials in our homes and describe their properties.

Week 2 of Home Learning

For our second week of home learning, we continued to read 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare in English. We delved into the language that Shakespeare used and what it means in the modern era. Also, we continued our descriptive writing using figurative language and how certain characters of The Tempest would of been feeling during the key events of the chapter. In maths, we focused our efforts on written methods for division. During our afternoon live lessons with Mr Coard, we learnt how to create field sketches, the difference between weather and climate (also how to measure them) and what a biome is and where they are located around our planet.

Week 1 of Home Learning

During our first week of home learning, we started our 1st book of the term called 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare. We focused on the character's feelings and reminded ourselves of figurative language to help us with our descriptive writing of a character. In Maths, we focused our efforts on written methods for multiplication. In Geography, we practised our atlas and map skills by plotting on key physical and human features of Italy and having an attempt at a field sketch. 
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