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Cornbury Residential updates!

4:50pm Friday 4th July

The children are on their way back- ETA is 5:10pm. Forget showers and baths...I think a hose and a garden will do! Sounds like they have had a fantastic time, but I am sure they will all be very pleased to sleep in their own beds tonight. Thanks for your support towards this trip- memories to last a very long time. 


10am Friday 4th July

Mrs Phipps has just sent me a message to say that the children were up bright and early this morning after a night of sleeping under the stars! They have had a yummy breakfast of American pancakes and bacon, and have just played their favourite camp game 'Predator' before heading off to their Archery session. Mrs Phipps will tweet later when the coach is on its way to school, which will come up on the homepage of our website. Get your showers and washing machines ready! (ETA 5pm).


7pm Thursday 3rd July

Mrs Phipps has just called to say the children have had an excellent afternoon making traps and playing games around camp. She also said that the children have seen the head chef demonstrate gutting and preparing a salmon for dinner...and some of the boys ate the eyes! THEY ATE RAW FISH EYES!! Sounds like something from 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' What an experience they are having!  


12:30pm Thursday 3rd July

I arrived at camp at around 8am this morning to see lots of grubby children eating a fabulous cooked breakfast around a camp fire- what a great way to start the day! We played some games and learnt about different traps (the children will be setting traps later) and then made our way to a crystal clear lake...the children (and teachers!) were very brave and jumped in and enjoyed having a splash about (and much needed wash!). Even through it is very warm and sunny here, the chidlren are in dense woodland so it is lovely and cool. Just returned back to school to enjoy a lovely picnic lunch on the school field!


7:30am Thursday 3rd July

All children (and staff!) were up bright and early this morning, ready for an action packed day ahead! The children slept really well (even though they didn't get to sleep until 11pm!) and are having an excellent time. I am leaving now to go and see what they are up to...


1:10pm Wednesday 2nd

Mrs Phipps has just called to say that the children are having a fantastic time! They have made their own fires and cooked kebabs- everyone gobbled up the lot! They have been split into two tribes and are now busy designing flags, names and bracelets to symbolise their tribes. 

Later today the children will build their shelters...and they may even sleep in them as the weather is so good! 

There is limited phone reception in the woods so updates will be posted here rather than on Twitter directly. Any concerns please call school. 


11:15am Wednesday 2nd July 

The children arrived just after 10am and have been busy settling into camp. The weather is great and they are currently building a fire to cook their lunch- how lucky they are!


More updates later....

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