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We are year Five and we're taught by Mr Coard!


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Wednesday 18th September


Mini Marines Day

On Wednesday 18th September, we had a visit from the army and they put on a ‘Mini Marines’ day for us. We learnt how to make a fire and toasted marshmallows in our wooded area. Next we had to use our communication and teamwork skills to overcome a challenge which involved crossing an area without touching the floor. The challenging part was that we only could use 6 tyres to transport 12 of us in a group. Finally, we had the opportunity to tackle the inflatable army assault course. It was great fun, even all the teachers had a go!

Mini Marines Day

Mini Marines Day 1
Mini Marines Day 2

Friday 4th October

Play leader Training

On Friday 4th October, we took part in a ‘Play Leader Training course’, which was led by Mrs Kenyon and some former play leaders from FCC. We learnt a range of different games and taught each other how to play them. We learnt the importance of a play leader and what it takes to be an excellent play leader. In the coming weeks, Mr Coard will be creating a time table for us, so we know when our play leader duties are.

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