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John Blandy School Links to Malawi

For the last two years, John Blandy has linked to another school in Malawi. Peter and Simon initially visited the  school in Malawi and then invited us to make links to the school. We have run cake sales to donate some money towards the school which is a Blind School. At Christmas, we sent them Happy Christmas messages and we received these from the children in Malawi too!


In February, Year 3 got to take part in their second Malawi workshop. In this session they watched a short DVD telling them all about life in Malawi, looking at their animals, school and home life and their traditional shops. In groups they then created posters to share all of this information.

Afterwards they also got to taste two traditional dishes. These were cornmeal porridge, that was often eaten for several meals a day and their only sweet treat they ever had of doughnuts. The cornmeal porridge was not hugely popular but the doughnuts were loved! Even though these were quite different to our usual doughnuts.



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