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Horse Chestnut

Welcome to Horse Chestnut Class!



Mrs White and Mrs Primmer are the teachers in Horse Chestnut this year. smiley

We had lots fun making our moving pictures. The children each picked a nursery rhyme or fairy tale and designed their back ground. They then added spinners, pullies, pop ups and flaps to their picture to make it more interactive. We realised that our pictures were a bit flimsy so we pulled ideas from the class as to how to make them more sturdy. With a bit of trial and error we got there and the finished products all look great! 

Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures 1
Moving Pictures 2
Moving Pictures 3
Moving Pictures 4
Moving Pictures 5
Moving Pictures 6
Moving Pictures 7
Moving Pictures 8
Moving Pictures 9
Moving Pictures 10
Moving Pictures 11
Moving Pictures 12
Moving Pictures 13
Moving Pictures 14
Moving Pictures 15
Moving Pictures 16
Moving Pictures 17
Moving Pictures 18
Moving Pictures 19
Moving Pictures 20

We've had a great first full week back at school. In Maths, we have been learning about the place value of digits up to 100 and have been writing numbers as numerals and words. We have also launched into our book for this term - The Jolly Postman and have been exploring the text. We wrote a letter to Cinderella as if we were Baby Bear and chose whether we should accept her apology or not. We also wrote a letter to Hobgoblin Supplies and ordered The Witch some new spooky equipment. In PSHE we learnt how we are all unique but that when we work as a team, amazing things can happen! We designed our own unique Tetris pieces then played a class game of Tetris to see how our pieces could fit together. Lastly we have been designing and making moving pictures in DT. Watch this space as we will be showing you our finale masterpieces next week!  

Its been a busy but fun week!

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