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This following information shows the order in which the children learn their phonemes (letter sounds) and the high frequency and tricky sight words that your child will be learning.

If you look at your child's Reading Log it will show you what phonemes they have learnt so far.


Phase Two Phonemes 


    s   a   t   p          i   n   m   d          g    o    c    k   


ck    e     u     r           h     b    f     ff    l     ll     ss                      

Here are some ways to remember your b and d.

Phase three phonemes


j   v  w  x           y  z   zz  qu


                ch  sh   th   ng 

                          (hard and soft)

   ai  ee  igh  oa                oo  ar  or  ur 

                                                                                                                         (short and long)

        ow  oi  ear  air          ure  er 

Can you spot these words in your reading books?

Letter Names 


We will be learning the alphabet and matching the letter name to the phoneme (letter sound).

There are many alphabet songs and games that you can play. Below is one example. Why don't you share your favourite song or game? 

Boom shake the alphabet

A fun song that will teach your child the letter names and sounds

There are more lessons being added on YouTube by Mr MC if your child enjoys the following video!

Can your child remember the actions that we use to go with each phoneme? 

Have Fun


Phonics lesson: ar

An energetic phonics lesson!

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