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This page shows the order in which the children learn their phonemes (letter sounds) and the high frequency and tricky sight words that will be taught throughout the year.

Please look at your child's home/school reading log, to see what sounds you can practise at home, with your child. 


Phase Two Phonemes 


    s   a   t   p          i   n   m   d          g    o    c    k   


ck    e     u     r           h     b    f     ff    l     ll     ss                      

Phase three phonemes


j   v  w  x           y  z   zz  qu


                ch  sh   th   ng 

                          (hard and soft)

   ai  ee  igh  oa                oo  ar  or  ur 

                                                                                                                         (short and long)

        ow  oi  ear  air          ure  er 

Spring Term

Help your child to read and make simple words using phase 2 and 3 phonemes.

noUse magnetic letters on your fridge. 

noPlay eye spy.

noMake words using sticks in mud.

noPlay word eye spy or sound gym. 

I spy with my big eye, something with the sounds, b -  i -  n. what is it?

can you h - o  - p?  Skip to my c - oa - t! 

noPaint letters on pebbles. can you make a word?

noEncourage shared writing of postcards (such a lovely, but lost resource) and thank you letters.


These are but a few ideas. Let your imagination run wild!

Can you spot these words in your reading books?

Can you spot these words in your reading books?  1
Can you spot these words in your reading books?  2

Letter Names 


We will be learning the alphabet and matching the letter name to the phoneme (letter sound).

There are many alphabet songs and games that you can play. Below is one example. Why don't you share your favourite song or game? 

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