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First Autumn Term


Your child will receive a wordless picture book each week. I love picture books, my favourite being the Clown by Quentin Blake, because I can read it differently each time. Wordless books allow you and your child to develop story telling skills and learn the language of stories. We also encourage your child to learn key vocabulary, such as: front cover, title, contents page and blurb. Story telling is a wonderful opportunity to foster speaking, listening and understanding skills. These skills will then enable them, in the future, to write their own descriptive stories.


Your child may need help to make up a story at first, so you may like to model reading the first page.

Then encourage your child to continue with telling the story on the next page. Depending on your child, you could continue to alternate or let your child read the rest of the story to you. As the week goes on, your child will become more confident in using story sentences rather than just pointing or describing the pictures. Have fun!


Ideas for the week:


enlightenedAdd more detail through descriptive language. For example, 'One sunny day, Biff was feeling very excited because...'

enlightenedSupport your child to connect each page with connecting words such as: then, next, and, but

enlightenedDiscuss the feelings of the characters.

enlightenedCreate new storylines by looking at other characters.

enlightenedExtend the ending. What happens next?

enlightenedDiscuss likes and dislikes about the book. what changes would you make?

enlightenedMake up your own version of the book based on your own experiences. 

enlightenedAct out the story or have a go at doing what they do! 



You will receive a variety of wordless books from different authors to enable you to have a broad range to enjoy. You will also have information books. There may be times where you will have a book with a few words, (usually repetitive) which you can read after making up stories from the pictures. At this stage we do not expect your child to read the words. They may however, spot some letters or repeat the words after you have read them which is great but not necessary. 


After half term you will have books linked to Read Write Inc.




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