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After learning lots of our letters we blend these sounds to make words.

This takes lots of practise and confidence, so encourage a little bit of blending fun every day. 


This can be through:

laugh Read Write Inc sound blending books

laugh Blending word games.

You can take turns being the person that does the sounding out or the person that blends.

                     'can you'... find the c-a-t? (your child blends the word to find the item)     

             'Can you find a p-e-n?


            'I spy with my big eye, something with the sounds, d-o-g'


              Sound gym ~ 'lets h-o-p'  'lets r-u-n'   'lets j-u-m-p'


laughMagnetic letters

Use these to make cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. Once again, take turns in being the one that makes the word or blends the word.


laughLetter hunt

Hide letter cards we have learnt around the house. Your child should find three cards. Bring them back to the adult. Can we make a word? Move the letters in different orders and blend each time. Are they nonsense words or did you make a real one? Continue this game until all the letter cards are found. Perhaps your child could win a prize each time they make a real word!


laughHome made or shop bought games

Go fish ~ make lots of fish with a lower case letter on each one. Attach a hook or a magnet to each fish. Make a rod with a hook or a magnet. Go fish three letters. can you make and blend a word? These could also be made with cvc words instead of just letter sounds.


laughOnline games

Below are a few games to practise the skill of blending.


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