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Fred Talk

This is Fred!

Fred is a frog and he can only sound talk.

Fred can only say the sounds in a word, which he whispers to the adult, and needs the children's help to say the word! For example, Fred will say the sounds p-o-t, and children will say the word pot. This is Fred talk: sounding out the word. The children then blend the sounds to say the actual word. 


As a whole class, the children are beginning to blend a sound talked word (that Fred has given them) through adult encouragement and repetition. With time, all children will be able to blend the word independently. 

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Ruth Miskin on how to teach blending to children

Parent video: Sound blending

If you would like to do blending at home you can use any letter cards. They do not need to be Read Write Inc. Just clear lowercase letters. You could use magnetic letters on your fridge!

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