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Sir Francis Drake


Sir Francis Drake is an inspriation to many young navigators all over the world. Because he was such a brilliant navigator, we chose to name one of our houses after him- and here is why:


From 1557 to 1580, Drake navigated around the world by boat. Three of Drake's ships made it to the Pacific Ocean! One of these was lost in a storm, another was blown of course. The last ship was called Pelican and remained on track. Drake returned to England safely in 1580. Not only had he succeeded confidently in sailing around the world (see map below!), he had also managed to capture some of Spain's gold!


Soon after, Drake became rich and very, very popular. Almost instantly he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth 1st. It is because of these reasons we chose and voted for Drake to be one of our House teams. All the people in his House are extremely delighted about having the honour of being in his team. 


Written by Izzie Jones, First Captain of Drake house, 2013-2014 

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