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Autumn Term Learning

Art - WB 7th December - Making Mayan Clay Necklaces

Having fun whilst removing the carbon dioxide!

Still image for this video

Literacy - Drama (19.11.20)


In Literacy at the moment, we are focusing on the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Today, we had a drama lesson, learning how to take on the role of another character and show this through our bodies and voices. We started off by each taking on the role of one of the lucky golden ticket finders, producing still images of how they reacted when they found the golden ticket. Can you work out who is who in our pictures?


Next, we did a drama activity called 'Park Bench' where different characters from our book came to sit on the bench. Miss Payne was a fantastic Augustus Gloop and all had a laugh due to her great acting skills! We then had a visit from Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee and Violet Beauregarde - the children were fantastic! 











Anti-Bullying Week - Odd Socks Day! (16.11.10)


As it is anti-bullying week this week, we all came to school today in odd socks to celebrate National Odd Socks Day! This is to signify and celebrate the differences between us all and to recognise that we are all equal no matter our differences.


Have a look at our amazing odd socks!


Design and Technology - WB 2nd November - Have a look at our amazing banana bread packaging!

Music Performance

We enjoyed using a range of instruments to learn to play a song. We experimented with timings and had fun trying all of the different instruments!

Ultimate Times Table Challenge!


As learning times tables is such an important part of maths, I have set up a competition! Before the end of each half term (6 times a year), the children in Sycamore Class will complete the Ultimate Times Table Challenge. This is a series of 144 times table questions. They are given 15 minutes to complete as many questions as they can. 

At the end of the year, there will be 4 prizes up for grabs: 


1. Most improved girl 

2. Most improved boy

3. Highest scoring girl

4. Highest scoring boy


Today we completed our first attempt and there were some amazing scores! Look at our fantastic concentration! smiley


Introduction to song

Introduction to our Harvest performance

Harvest Festival Performance

We hope you enjoy our sign language to 'Let's Harvest'. We loved learning it!

Recovery Curriculum - Art Work

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