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Admissions Policy consultation

To whom it may concern,


Faringdon Learning Trust are pleased to submit, for consultation, the draft admissions policy for entry to all schools within the Multi Academy Trust from September 2022. 


The consultation documents can be found on each school website and the Trust website.  Please provide feedback here:


It is also published through the OCC consultation hub. 


You may request a hard copy from 


The consultation will run for a minimum of 6 weeks: 16th November 2020- 4th January 2021. 


The changes we are consulting on: 

  • Removal of oversubscription criteria 3 in line with DfE guidance 
  • That each over subscription criteria will give priority to Service Pupil Premium pupils 
  • That the distance used to measure from home to school will be straight line. 
  • That Watchfield primary and Longcot and Fernham CoE primary have their nursery children as an oversubscription criteria. 


Yours faithfully, 

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