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Welcome to Willow Class!


We are Year Six children, taught by Mrs Elliott and Mrs Coultas!


We've had a fantastic start to the year and have had many wonderful experiences this term!


Hill End trip

In September, to start off our topic on World War 1, we went to Hill End and experienced life in the trenches. We loved hiding from the enemy and even better still, was creeping up on the enemy (our teachers) in their trenches! We gave them a bit of a fright!


World War 1 Topic

In our literacy, we have been busy writing about World War 1, including writing newspaper articles on the day war was declared between Britain and Germany, descriptions of the trenches and also poetry. We have also linked our topic to our artwork, painting pictures based on the work of World War 1 artists, Paul and John Nash. We have also made clay poppies, having seen the poppies that were created by Paul Cummins, at the Tower of London. In our drama and dance, we created battle scenes and within our music we learnt songs that soldiers would have sung, such as It's a long way to Tipperary. We have thoroughly enjoyed studying about the Great War. We were really pleased to be asked to present our work to the village Peace Presentation in November. A group of us went to the local Church one Friday evening and although we were slightly nervous, we all spoke clearly and we have had some lovely compliments from members of the public about our work.



Next September, we will all be moving on to our secondary schools. Many of us will be going to Faringdon Community College and so in October, we were invited to spend the day there. We began the day looking around and then we went into our first lesson - maths. We enjoyed our investigation. We then went into a DT lesson and we made pencil pot houses. It was great fun!


Macmillan Coffee Morning

Year 6 organised this year's Macmillan Coffee morning. We set everything up in the morning, ready for our guests. We had about 30 parents! We served them with tea or coffee along with a piece of home made cake. At breaktime, we served the children cakes as a special treat for their snack. They were delicious! We had so many donations of cakes we were even able to hold a cake sale at the end of the day! What a success!



Year 6 parents SATs meeting

Find out what we are learning about in Terms 1 & 2

Find out what we are learning about in Terms 3 & 4

Science Workshop

On Monday 11th February Nitro Jen came into Willow class and we carried out some experiments based on light. We used prisms to refract light. We also created spinners which showed us how the primary colours when spun together create different colours. Some of us used light boxes to create silhouettes; opaque images created black silhouettes and translucent images created coloured silhouettes. Using nail varnish dropped in water we were able to show the spectrum of the rainbow. We also reflected light off mirrors, around a maze. It was great fun!

Light activities

Light activities 1
Light activities 2
Light activities 3
Light activities 4
Light activities 5
Light activities 6

Lego Flood Model - February 2019


As part of our Rivers topic, we were visited by Kevin and Beth from Atkins who brought in their great Lego model of Oxford. They began by giving us an interesting presentation about rivers and flooding in Oxford.


We then had the opportunity to work in groups with the model and consider how flooding could be prevented. We discussed our ideas and then set up our flood defences before letting the water in. Some groups were more successful than others!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Hill End

Hill End 1
Hill End 2
Hill End 3
Hill End 4
Hill End 5
Hill End 6

Peace Presentation

Peace Presentation 1
Peace Presentation 2
Peace Presentation 3
Peace Presentation 4
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