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Welcome to Willow Class!


We are Year Six children, taught by Mrs Elliott and Mrs Coultas!


We've had a fantastic start to the year and have had many wonderful experiences so far! 

Find out what we are learning about in Terms 5 & 6

Country Dancing- May 24th

During the Spring term, we have been practising Country Dancing and on the last day of the term, as a school, we performed our dances to all the parents. Luckily the sun shone for us and our parents and relatives could enjoy afternoon tea whilst we all danced; we all had a lovely afternoon. 

Year 6 got to dance using the maypole and we performed: The Barber's pole, the Spider's web and the single plait. The pole looked beautiful for all of our dances and no one got too tangled!

Maypole Dancing

End Of SATs

We were incredibly proud of the Year 6's approach to their SATs. They came in bright and early and enjoyed a breakfast and a run around with their friends before we started. They all worked incredibly hard and tried their best; we couldn't have been prouder of them! Many children commented it had been one of their best weeks at school! The week was topped off with a visit from the Ice-Cream Van and a flute of non-alcoholic fizz to toast them! Well done Willow Class!

Celebrating end of SATs!

Hula Hooping - 9th May

Hula Hooping - 9th May 1
Hula Hooping - 9th May 2
Hula Hooping - 9th May 3

Junior Citizens- 30th April 

On 30th April, Year 6 travelled to Rewely Road Fire Station in Oxford to attend Junior Citizens. No one knew what the trip was about (except the teachers!) and we still have to keep it a secret for future Year 6 children!

 We can tell you though that it was great experience and we learnt lots about safety, including: fire, internet, water and rail - just to name a few!



Picture 1 Internet safety
Picture 2 Safety in the home
Picture 3 Fire safety
Picture 4 Rail safety
Picture 1 Making an emergency call
Picture 2 Water safety
Picture 3

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


On the 29th March, Willow Class had an enjoyable day at the KS2 Science Explorers Day held at RAL. We took part in a carousel of hands-on activities throughout the day and then watched a fascinating film about Space. It was interesting to find out about the amazing projects that are taking place on the site.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8


11th March - 15th March


Willow class have been set the task of investigating: How can we make our paddle boat travel the furthest?

We are in teams and we have had to plan and design our paddle boat using lollipop sticks. We will use an elastic band to power our boat. We need to see how we can adapt our boats to make them the quickest when we come to race them!

Picture 1 Designing our paddle boat
Picture 2 Measuring accurately
Picture 3 Sawing carefully!
Picture 4
Picture 5 Securely fixing together
Picture 6 Nearly finished!
Picture 7 Making them streamlined
Picture 8
Picture 9 Testing them out!

Code Breaking


Mr Robinson came into our class and talked to us about code breaking. We talked about how code breaking was used in WWII at Bletchley Park, We found out that women played a really important role in breaking the codes. 

In groups we had to try to crack some codes before the time ran out and the computer would become encrypted! It was great fun and we just about managed to beat the clock!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Trying to crack the codes
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 Trying to beat the clock!
Picture 10 We did it! Codes recorded on the board in time.

Kilvrough Assembly

Kilvrough Assembly 1

World Book Day March 2019

World Book Day March 2019 1
World Book Day March 2019 2
World Book Day March 2019 3
World Book Day March 2019 4
World Book Day March 2019 5
World Book Day March 2019 6
World Book Day March 2019 7
World Book Day March 2019 8

Kilvrough - February 2019

We had a good journey and arrived to a beautiful sunny day on the Gower in plenty of time for lunch! In the afternoon, we solved problems within our activity groups. We had a delicious dinner of pasta bolognaise. This evening's activity was orienteering in the dark! Great fun has been had by all!

More photos to follow in the morning!...



Day 1

Day 1 1
Day 1 2
Day 1 3
Day 1 4
Day 1 5
Day 1 6
Day 1 7
Day 1 8
Day 1 9
Day 1 10
Day 1 11
Day 1 12
Day 1 13
Day 1 14
Day 1 15
Day 1 16

Day 2

Good morning! The children were settled by 10.30pm and all slept very well! We're looking forward to bacon sandwiches for breakfast and a range of  exciting activities today including: caving, kayaking and climbing and abseiling on the coast...


9.30pm - all settling down for the night, after a long day of challenging yet fun activities.

Day 2 photos

Day 2 photos 1 Off caving!
Day 2 photos 2 Hoping to get wet!
Day 2 photos 3 Beautiful day for canoeing
Day 2 photos 4 Spot of lunch
Day 2 photos 5
Day 2 photos 6 Night walk to Pennard Castle

Day 3

Good morning! Another great night. All of the children slept very well and we didn't hear a peep until 7am! Duty group are currently setting up for breakfast and we're all looking forward to croissants and our day ahead.

We have had another action packed day in sunny Wales! The groups have enjoyed caving, canoeing and rock climbing/abseiling with den building to finish off the day. The children are all well and looking forward to tomorrow's activities. 
Picture 1

Day 4

Our final full day of activities and a big Happy Birthday to Jake! We are all looking forward to our beach activities in the morning.

We will keep the school office updated with our departure and arrival home time.

Looking forward to seeing you with our bags of washing!




Year 6 parents SATs meeting

Find out what we are learning about in Terms 1 & 2

Find out what we are learning about in Terms 3 & 4

Science Workshop

On Monday 11th February Nitro Jen came into Willow class and we carried out some experiments based on light. We used prisms to refract light. We also created spinners which showed us how the primary colours when spun together create different colours. Some of us used light boxes to create silhouettes; opaque images created black silhouettes and translucent images created coloured silhouettes. Using nail varnish dropped in water we were able to show the spectrum of the rainbow. We also reflected light off mirrors, around a maze. It was great fun!

Light activities

Light activities 1
Light activities 2
Light activities 3
Light activities 4
Light activities 5
Light activities 6

Lego Flood Model - February 2019


As part of our Rivers topic, we were visited by Kevin and Beth from Atkins who brought in their great Lego model of Oxford. They began by giving us an interesting presentation about rivers and flooding in Oxford.


We then had the opportunity to work in groups with the model and consider how flooding could be prevented. We discussed our ideas and then set up our flood defences before letting the water in. Some groups were more successful than others!

Picture 1
Picture 2

World War 1 Topic

In our literacy, we have been busy writing about World War 1, including writing newspaper articles on the day war was declared between Britain and Germany, descriptions of the trenches and also poetry. We have also linked our topic to our artwork, painting pictures based on the work of World War 1 artists, Paul and John Nash. We have also made clay poppies, having seen the poppies that were created by Paul Cummins, at the Tower of London. In our drama and dance, we created battle scenes and within our music we learnt songs that soldiers would have sung, such as It's a long way to Tipperary. We have thoroughly enjoyed studying about the Great War. We were really pleased to be asked to present our work to the village Peace Presentation in November. A group of us went to the local Church one Friday evening and although we were slightly nervous, we all spoke clearly and we have had some lovely compliments from members of the public about our work.

Picture 1 Freeze frames attacking enemy trenches.
Picture 2
Picture 3 Using clay to make poppies
Picture 4
Picture 5 Painting our poppies!
Picture 6
Picture 7 DT- Making our trenches
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 Making the duckboards
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14 Our completed trenches
Picture 15
Picture 16 Paul Nash artwork
Picture 17

Hill End trip

In September, to start off our topic on World War 1, we went to Hill End and experienced life in the trenches. We loved hiding from the enemy and even better still, was creeping up on the enemy (our teachers) in their trenches! We gave them a bit of a fright!

Hill End

Hill End 1
Hill End 2
Hill End 3
Hill End 4
Hill End 5
Hill End 6

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Year 6 organised this year's Macmillan Coffee morning. We set everything up in the morning, ready for our guests. We had about 30 parents! We served them with tea or coffee along with a piece of home made cake. At breaktime, we served the children cakes as a special treat for their snack. They were delicious! We had so many donations of cakes we were even able to hold a cake sale at the end of the day! What a success!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Next September, we will all be moving on to our secondary schools. Many of us will be going to Faringdon Community College and so in October, we were invited to spend the day there. We began the day looking around and then we went into our first lesson - maths. We enjoyed our investigation. We then went into a DT lesson and we made pencil pot houses. It was great fun!

Picture 1 Sanding down the wood
Picture 2 Filing the roof
Picture 3 Drilling a hole for the pencils
Picture 4 Giving our houses some colour!
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7 The finished pencil house!
Picture 8 FCC quiz- the winners!

Peace Presentation

Peace Presentation 1
Peace Presentation 2
Peace Presentation 3
Peace Presentation 4
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