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Summer term 




We had a superb visit from Abingdon Fire Service. We learnt a great deal and the children loved looking at all the equipment and hearing all about what the Fire Service do. Please see our photograph page.

Hula Hooping fun!


See our photograph page for a snap shot of the fun we had with the visiting Hula teacher. The children were in awe with her tricks and they loved taking part, just as much as the grown ups! 

Summer Term


We are very excited to be learning about plants and we are incredibly thankful to Mrs Siviter for providing her time and resources to help us. Thank you so much for the beautiful plants and for helping the class plant them. We are now tasked with the very important job of looking after them! 

See below for a selection of photographs.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

A useful document explaining the Early Years Foundation Stage

Spring Term Four!

We have been learning about farm animals, so in our science week we discovered how to make butter. True awe and wonder from shaking cream, and draining off the whey. The class enjoyed tasting their own made butter on bread the following afternoon! 

We also discovered how to test if an egg is raw or solid! Can your child remember? As well as observing that an egg floats in salt water.

The week was concluded with a school investigation on how long can a jelly sweet remain solid in your mouth, without chewing! 

We have also been discovering a wide range of flowers that are starting to grow in our playground. We are also trying very hard to leave these to grow, and not to pick them. 


Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3
Science Week 4


We had a fantastic and very busy week back.

Our highlights were playing in the pet shop, enjoying the spring sunshine and being completely in awe of Mrs Steel's Bearded Dragon.

Photos will be uploaded next week. (Apologies, you will just have to wait a little longer to see Rodney.)  

These are now added!

I hope you are enjoying your half term! I had a fun Disney adventure and gave Pluto a big hug! I am looking forward to hearing your adventures on Monday. 

Our next topic will be based around animals. If you have a pet can you please bring a photograph on your return to school, or email one to the office. 

Thank  you,

Mrs Reading smiley 

Spring term


We have had a great first week, role-playing being a chef and thinking about keeping healthy.

Thank you very much to our two visitors! The children asked Mrs Dowsett all about working in the school kitchen and we had a fun and energetic PE session with Mr Valentine. 


Week Two

Thank you to Dr Siviter for visiting Oak class. We loved learning about your job and how all the different people in a hospital can help us. It was very exciting to listen to Ben's heartbeat! See our photo page for some pictures.


Week Three

A fun and busy week, had by all!

Thank you to Sergeant Roberts for bringing your police car. Ben especially enjoyed the siren! We loved learning so much from you. I think we were all a little in awe! 

The whole school also enjoyed experiencing Rock Steady. I do believe we have some rock stars in the making! Have a look at our photo page. 


Week 4/5

We have had fun playing firefighters and learning about Chinese New Year. We had great fun making ice castles, playing in the snow and taking part in Rock Steady! We were also pleased to welcome Mrs Surtees back to class. She was very excited to see us and can't wait to return.

Remember to look at our photo page.


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